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  1. InVue Whitepaper: The Evolving Check-Out Lane

    Mobile Point of Sale capabilities are helping to reshape the checkout experience. Ever since saloon owner James Ritty invented the cash register in 1879 in an effort to stop his… [+]

  2. InVue Whitepaper: Instantly-mobile kiosks. Security meets convenience

    Tablet kiosks are adding a new dimension to the customer experience, but unlocking their full potential requires liberating them from their mount. Tablet kiosks are reshaping the way retailers do… [+]

  3. Pods S960 Test

    Series 1560 Series 1060 Series 1050 Series 3000 Series 2800 Series 2400 Series 960 Series 950 S950 Hidden Lens Sensor LS100 LTO4 LTO3 4-Port Power Box SmartphonesTabletsLaptopsSmart WatchesFitness BandsCamerasCamera LensesElectronic... [+]
  4. Instruction Guides

    InVue Instruction Guides: Commercial Tablet Use CT80 Instructions Full Instruction Sheet Product Page Contact Us
  5. InVue Announces New Partnership with Westcoast Limited

    InVue Announces New Partnership with Westcoast Limited Leading commercial security solution manufacturer signs partnership with leading UK IT distributor InVue announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Westcoast Limited,… [+]

  6. Contact Us Page

    Contact Us: Want to learn more about InVue's innovative security and merchandising solutions? Sales Inquiries and Quotes: Please complete the form below and one of our InVue Sales representatives will... [+]
  7. Introducing the S960: A balance of design, experience, and security

    Introducing the new S960.     InVue’s newest POD features an optimal combination of contemporary design and high consumer experience.   It’s completely scalable to meet your security needs, and along with… [+]

  8. Introducing the CT80 & CT150: Versatile, Portable Tablet Stand Solutions

    Introducing InVue’s newest Commercial tablet solutions – the CT80 & CT150 – a portable, all-in-one kiosk and mobile POS solution.    These products are ideal for applications that require a versatile… [+]

  9. Drawers

    L430 Cam Lock Drawer Lock Reliable security for merchandise in drawers. Fits a variety of furniture styles, high aesthetic and streamlined design. L430 Self-latching so you know when a cabinet... [+]
  10. Sliding Doors

    L410 Plunger Lock Universal Lock Reliable security for merchandise in cabinets with sliding doors. Fits a variety of furniture styles, high aesthetic and streamlined design. L410 Self-locking protection for sliding... [+]

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